Stacey Night

Stacey Night, the main founder and soul of Sol Temple was called to create the temple with her fiancé and business partner mid 2019, after some serious health challenges and life changes.
Throughout Stacey’s 25 year journey on this planet in this lifetime so far, universal energies decided and led Stacey to becoming a holistic tattooer, spiritual healing facilitator, visionary artist, mother, fiancé and entrepreneur.
This journey led Stacey to veganism in 2015, along with the birth of her daughter Luna. The birth of so many new values at that time, meant the birth of a new business venture; one more aligned with their vegan values, one named after their newest addition to the family. And so, Stacey and her partner created Fox and Moon Tattoo Collective; the first fully vegan tattoo process studio in Brisbane.
Stacey’s journey has guided her to starting Sol Temple, as new cycles came through her life. It was time for Stacey to leave Fox and Moon due to serious health and life changes; and so was time for a slower approach to tattooing, a holistic approach.
Sol Temple is Stacey’s way of giving back what she has learned over that period, of giving clients and customers a place to feel their divine selves, so slow down and think about self care in the aim for self love and manifesting all the soul’s desires.
As with all humans, Stacey is multi faced, and although this is a quick glimpse of what her values are and why, be sure to follow her on Instagram @stacey.night as well as @sol_temple to get to know her a little more each post!