Sekhem Healing

Sekhem (also commonly referred to as Seichim) is an Ancient Egyptian word named after the Lion-headed Goddess Sekhmet, that translates to “universal energy & power of powers”. It describes our chi, prana or life force and is connected with our own individual empowerment for healing and spiritual growth, as well as raising the collective consciousness of all beings. 

It is believed that Sekhem was practiced by the ancient Egyptian Priesthoods, where High priests and priestesses used it as a holistic way of healing all aspects of their lives including health issues, metaphysical pursuits, alchemical knowledge and the expansion of consciousness. It is the “solar fire” energy associated with Earth’s physical Sun, star system Sirius and the Central Spiritual Sun.

The healing reconnects beings to their higher selves, it activates and strengthens light body, opens up the connection to spirit guides and the source of all LOVE. It can balance and align the spirit body to the physical form, unifying masculine and feminine polarities within us. 

Sekhem enables us to step fully into our own sense of self and power by helping to heal ancestral or past life karma and soul contracts, while also helping us to heal and let go of energetic cords of attachment to situations, people or things that are no longer serving you in your journey and that which no longer benefits your higher self.

It is a high vibrational healing modality (referred to as “Solar fire energy”), that activates and enlightens the parts of us that are stagnant, unbalanced and/or not functioning optimally. 

Our lives are journeys, teachings and learnings that enable us to grow and release past life karma. Sometimes along this journey we reach a plateau and feel we are not going where we need to be or aren’t progressing in health and wellness, we may require some divine assistance to help release any energy blockages and create a new shift in our lives.

Energy healers facilitate this need and enable you to break through the stangnence and create a positive change in all aspects of life which may include health, spirituality, mental clarity, etc. 




As you arrive for your healing session, your practitioner will not ask you what it is you are here for, after all this is an intuitive healing lead by what YOUR body, mind and soul NEED at this point in time to heal and become your greatest self.  

You will first be lead through a guided meditation and breathing exercises whilst laying comfortably in our peaceful and private healing room. This guided meditation will merge into the healing where you will be for the remainder of the healing. All you need to do is lay there and be. 

After the healing is complete, your practitioner will tap you on the shoulder for you to slowly and safely get up and out of any trance state. 

You are then offered water and an ear to listen if you are in need of someone to talk you through the healing experience. An oracle card reading and Sekhem spell is given to you along with your free parting gift and healing “aftercare”. 



Disclaimer*** This can be a hands on healing and if you are not comfortable with this you must specify before hand on your consent form. Light touch may be used if the practitioner feels directed to, it is always a soft and appropriate touch.