Holistic Tattooing

Sol Temple founder and resident artist Stacey Nightingale offers a holistic tattoo service for all tattoos. This service ensures that the tattoo you receive is more than ink under skin; this service has been intentionally thought out for you to receive the best tattoo for your body and your soul development. Placement and design are very important to the energetic frequency of a tattoo and is considered in every piece. This is why you not only receive a vegan tattoo, but a holistic experience that will energetically impact you and your life. To further this holistic experience, every product used at Sol Temple is eco- conscious and organic, non-toxic pigments are used for tattooing. 


Stacey now offers varying options of tattooing, all holistic. See Services page for details.

You can follow Stacey on her social media pages here Instagram and Facebook or visit her site www.staceynightingale.com

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