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Booking Information

Sol Temple are forever grateful to you for enquiring with us to get tattooed by Stacey or a guest artist. 

All bookings are required to have a free in person consult before hand (if this cannot be aligned, a phone or online consult can be arranged).

We require that you read this booking information so you know what to expect on the day of your holistic tattoo.


You will sign a consent form at your booking and will be LEGALLY REQUIRED to provide photographic ID. Signing this form assumes you have read and agree to this booking information and have followed instructions clearly and had opportunity to ask any and all questions. 

We cannot legally tattoo you, regardless of your age and parental permission, without providing ORIGINAL photographic ID. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you arrive at your appointment with no photographic ID your deposit will not be refunded and your booking will be cancelled or rescheduled with an additional deposit to be paid.

We accept valid original 18+ cards, your drivers licence or passport.

If you forget your ID we will NOT accept a digital photograph/photocopy.

Thank you for your understanding.


Before Your Holistic Tattoo

Stacey or your guest artist will endeavour to get your drawing/sketch for your tattoo no more than 24 hours before your booking due to the high volume of drawings and energy it takes to create each detailed design as well as channel (if you opt for the channelled design). If you would like your drawing sooner please let us know as Stacey is extremely busy and prioritising your drawing before another client/ other work will require a fair energy exchange (small drawing fee).

  • An email reminder 2 days before your booking will be sent to you, if you need to reschedule or cancel please let us know when you get your reminder, this will be your last chance to change or cancel your booking, any bookings cancelled 48 hours before your appointment will result in loss of any deposit (legitimate emergencies will be honoured).

  • As we are moving into "flu season" please let us know as soon as any flu symptoms present and we can reschedule your appointment before our 48 hour cancellation policy applies. We reserve the right to reschedule your appointment if you arrive with flu-like symptoms as being unwell can dramatically affect the healing process and could potentially affect the health and well-being of our staff. 
  • Any minor changes to your design can be made 24 hours before the booking but any major changes with short notice may require rescheduling your booking (as changes will take more time and energy to create).

  • Please arrive 10 mins earlier than your booking so you have time to fill out our consent form, ask any questions if you need to.

  • You can bring one friend only with you and they must be 18 years and older to be allowed in the tattoo area. Children are legally NOT permitted to be in the tattoo area and we reserve the right to reschedule your booking and you will forfeit your deposit if you do not have the appropriate supervision for your child.

  • Make sure you bring photographic ID, Stacey or your guest artist cannot tattoo you if you do not have ID and will forfeit your deposit and have to reschedule your booking.

  • Do not consume any drugs or alcohol 24 hours before your booking. This can affect the tattoo process, resulting in excessive bleeding and make the tattoo much more painful. Your tattoo artist may not be able to continue the tattoo and may have to reschedule your appointment.

  • Notify Stacey or your guest artist of any medications you may be taking, as some medications can affect the skin and its healing as well as how well/ long the skin is able to be tattooed for.
  • Make sure you have eaten within 3 hours before your appointment, that you  are hydrated and well rested. Low blood sugar from not eating and dehydration can cause lightheadedness while you are being tattooed. We offer free cold filtered alkaline water. If you are prone to fainting or seizures you MUST advise the artist before the appointment. 

  • Ensure you are one hundred percent happy with your tattoo design and placement of your tattoo, the stencil can be before the tattoo is started but not after. We will not be held responsible if you change your mind during or after your tattoo.


During Your Tattoo

Once you are happy with the placement of the stencil and design, Stacey or your guest artist will begin the tattoo process.

  • Prepare yourself mentally and stay hydrated; tattoos can hurt so you want to ensure you can sit through it.

  • If you are struggling with pain let the artist know, they will do their best to make you as comfortable as possible.

  • With the integrity of your new tattoo in mind, please make sure that you are consciously sitting as still as possible while your artist is working. Although we do allow one (only one) person to accompany you during the tattoo, be aware that they can be a distraction both to you and your artist and that at the end of the day the most important part your appointment is getting the best tattoo possible.

  • If you need a break, to get up and stretch or go to the toilet please let your artist know, we have toilets located inside the building. 

  • When your tattoo is finished, your artist will wipe the tattoo over and apply film over the tattoo to protect it.

  • Stacey or your guest artist will usually take a photo of the tattoo which they and we Sol Temple may use for social media promotion. If you do not wish for us to use your tattoo in our marketing please advise us while you fill out your consent form.


Additional Information

Stacey or your guest artist will lead you to the counter where you can purchase organic, vegan aftercare, soaps, or any of our merchandise or self care products as-well as pay for your new holistic tattoo.


Here’s some extra info you should know also:

  • Deposits are held until your final session and will come off the cost of your final session.

  • You will be given clear aftercare instructions and will be emailed a link immediately after your appointment.

  • We sell and recommend Solaris Tattoo Care aftercare products, for the best holistic healing results we suggest you use what is recommended.

  • We accept cash and eftpos for all payments.

  • Please follow ALL instructions. Failure to do so can result in the tattoo not healing correctly and you will forfeit any free touch ups.

  • Stacey offers free touch ups on her tattoos if needed and if OUR aftercare instructions have been followed. Your touch up must be BOOKED in within 3 months of your original tattoo booking to receive for free. If booked outside of this time frame you must pay your touch up.

  • If the unfortunate event occurs that your tattoo artist is sick or needs to reschedule we reserve the right to reschedule your appointment. You will be contacted asap to avoid you travelling to the studio and we understand you may have taken time off work for you appointment so we will always endeavour to find the most suitable time for you and your artists schedule.

  • We would greatly appreciate reviews on sites like Google and Facebook after your appointment.